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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greener Printing Options

Yesterday's post examined some eco-friendly options for computer printing paper. Today I wanted to look and see about any greener options for a printers on the market.

As you probably know, the big companies making printers: Epson, HP, Canon, etc often sell their printers at cost or even below cost so you will be forced to use their proprietary ink cartridges sold at exorbitant prices. Refilling these cartridges yourself is one way to beat the system, and their are many solutions on the web in terms of good quality inks and refilling systems and kits. has a variety of options to refill your ink cartridges and seems reasonably priced.

If the thought of doing this all yourself seems too messy or worrisome then you might consider going to your nearest Walgreens, apparently they now have a program to refill your printer cartridges. Here is a link to more info. I found this information about walgreens at has a terrific post on ecological issues around print cartridges.

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