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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wind Up Powered Lantern and phone charger for emergencies

Wind Up LanternDynamo 15 LED Lantern, Alarm & Phone Charger

From "no battery led" $49.95

Climate scientists predict that as global warming worsens there will be an increased chance of hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe weather. Combine that with unpredictable power grids, peak oil and the increasing prevalence of wacko's with cars (who are likely to ram into power line poles) and you have a real disaster in the waiting.

The Dynamo Wind Up lantern comes to the rescue just in time to provide light, charge your phone, and sound the alarm. Just wind it up for one minute for 5-8 minutes of light. Wind it up for 5 minutes and get 15-20 minutes of light and 5 minutes of time for talking on your cellphone. Better still, get your partner or teenager to do the winding and save yourself the carpal-tunnel syndrome!   nobatteryledlights has many other models and types to choose from - some much cheaper and others with less wind-up needed. Check out the possibilities here.

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